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My name: Ainunnazli Aminuddin
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From: Malaysia
Other: PowerShot SD400 Digital ELPH
sYaFa JaLaL
Latest entry:all of us
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zafirah zulkifli
Latest entry:Happy new year 2009!
Dear frens.. I know I hv not updated for a long time. My modem got struck by lightning one fateful day and that was the end of Streamyx at our house. Ever the procrastinator, it took me more than a month to buy a new one. But now I'm back..and I've gone wireless! :horay: which means i can be anywhere and everywhere! OK, that's hardly news. No exclamation point needed there :P Well,loads happened since my last entry. There were weddings I attended, Ila's and Ziah's, my 28th birthday just 3 weeks ago... View this Fotopage entry
aminor azmi
Latest entry:Announcement/Pengumuman
Salam untuk semua. Sudah beberapa bulan, saya tak update di sini. Saya masih aktif berkerja, shoot weddings, events, outings, buat gambar. Semuanya ini boleh diikuti di sini: dan di sini: regards aminorazmi 6012-2147681 yahoo messenger id: aminor_azmi email: View this Fotopage entry
Man Kidal
errysherman NZ
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pengantin yg dah over basi
Marlinda Zulkifli
Latest entry:| f a r h a n a + k h a i r u l | part 1
23.o5.2oo8 Majlis Pernikahan [ f a r h a n a + k h a i r u l ] The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost... View this Fotopage entry
noorsuriati Ariffin
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